List of Released Games

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Game Type Publisher Released
Cybermorph 3D Shooting/Adventure Atari 11/93
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Shooting Atari 11/93
Evolution: Dino Dudes Puzzle Atari 3/94
Raiden Shooting Atari 3/94
Tempest 2000 Shooting Atari 4/94
Wolfenstein 3D First-Person Shooter Atari 7/94
Brutal Sports Football Football Telegames 8/94
Alien vs. Predator First-Person Shooter Atari 10/94
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Fighting Atari 11/94
Doom First-Person Shooter Atari 11/94
Club Drive Driving Atari 11/94
Checkered Flag Racing Atari 11/94
Iron Soldier Action/Adventure Atari 12/94
Kasumi Ninja Fighting Atari 12/94
Bubsy In: Fractured Furry Tales Action/Platform Atari 12/94
Zool 2 Action/Platform Atari 12/94
Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding Winter Sports Atari 12/94
Cannon Fodder Action/Strategy Computer West 2/95
Troy Aikman NFL Football Football Williams 2/95
Syndicate Strategy Ocean 3/95
Theme Park Simulation Ocean 3/95
International Sensible Soccer Soccer Telegames 4/95
Double Dragon V Fighting Williams 4/95
Hover Strike Shooting Atari 4/95
Pinball Fantasies Pinball Computer West 6/95
Super Burnout Racing Atari 7/95
Flashback Adventure U.S. Gold 7/95
White Men Can't Jump Basketball Atari 7/95
Blue Lightning (CD) Shooting Atari 8/95
Vid Grid (CD) Puzzle Atari 8/95
Flip-Out Puzzle Atari 8/95
Ultra Vortek Fighting Atari 9/95
Rayman Action/Platform Ubi Soft 9/95
Power Drive Rally Racing Time Warner Interactive 10/95
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Action/Platform Atari 10/95
Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands (CD) Shooting Atari 10/95
Highlander (CD) Adventure Atari 10/95
Ruiner Pinball Pinball Atari 11/95
Dragon's Lair (CD) FMV Readysoft 11/95
Missile Command 3D Action Atari 12/95
I-War Shooting/Adventure Atari 12/95
Atari Karts Racing Atari 12/95
Supercross 3D Racing Atari 12/95
Fever Pitch Soccer Soccer Atari 12/95
Myst (CD) Adventure Atari 12/95
Battle Morph (CD) 3D Shooting/Adventure Atari 12/95
Primal Rage (CD) Fighting Time Warner Interactive 12/95
Baldies (CD) Strategy Atari 12/95
Zoop Puzzle Atari 1/96
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Basketball Atari 1/96
Space Ace (CD) FMV Readysoft 1/96
Defender 2000 Shooting Atari 2/96
Attack of the Mutant Penguins Action/Strategy Atari 3/96
Brain Dead 13 (CD) FMV Readysoft 3/96
Fight For Life Fighting Atari 4/96
Breakout 2000 Arcade/Action Telegames 12/96
Towers II Role Playing Telegames 12/96
Iron Soldier 2 (CD) Action/Adventure Telegames 4/97
World Tour Racing (CD) Racing Telegames 5/97
Aircars Shooting ICD 6/97
Zero 5 Shooting Telegames 9/97
Iron Soldier 2 Action/Adventure Telegames 12/97
Worms Strategy Telegames 5/98
Protector Shooting Songbird Productions 11/99
Soccer Kid Action/Platform Songbird Productions 1/00
Battle Sphere Shooting Scatologic 3/00
Hyper Force Action/Adventure Songbird Productions 3/00
Skyhammer 3D Action/Shooting Songbird Productions 5/00
Battle Sphere Gold Shooting Scatologic 3/02
Protector: Special Edition Shooting Songbird Productions 4/02
Total Carnage Action/Shooting Songbird Productions 9/05
Robinson's Requiem (CD) Adventure Songbird Productions 5/11

Total Cartridge Games Released: 58
Total CD Games Released: 14

The above list does not include prototypes, demos, or homebrew games. If you are looking for homebrew games, there are dozens available. Here are some links to a just a few of them:

HMS Raptor
Kobayashi Maru
Mad Bodies
Superfly DX