Atari Karts Review

Atari Karts is a one- or two-player go-kart racing game, obviously inspired by Super Mario Kart. You race on a variety of tracks and your goal is to have the most points at the end of the circuit. There are power-ups which can help or hurt you. Some speed you up, some slow you down, and some reverse the controls of you or your opponent. Like Mario Kart, the game seems to be aimed towards kids with its cartoony characters and lack of challenge. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a battle mode like Mario Kart did. It is still a fun game to play, though. The graphics are very good, especially the backgrounds. The sound effects are decent, and the music is very good--despite sounding a bit gloomy for a game like this. The tunes often get stuck in my head after playing a few races. The control is good as well, although it's too easy to get stuck on obstacles or walls. Atari Karts is no Mario Kart, but it's still a fun game, and one of the better racing games on the Jaguar.


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