Alien vs. Predator Review

Alien vs. Predator is a first person action/adventure game that allows you to play as the Alien, the Predator, or a marine. With each character there is a different plot and essentially, a different game. AVP is one of the scariest game I have ever played. When you turn around expecting nothing and suddenly see an alien that's been coming up behind you, you may just jump right out of your chair. The graphics are incredible, among the best ever seen on the Jaguar. However, the frame rate is low so the animation is choppy. There is no in-game music, but you won't miss it much with the great sound effects. The control is alright, although it is a little slow. There is no "run" button, and you can't jump over pools of alien acid either, but must go through them. Alien vs. Predator is an excellent game, and it's one of the best Jaguar games out there.


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