Baldies Review

In this strategy game, you are in command of the Baldies, and your goal is to destroy your enemies known as Hairies. Your Baldies can be assigned to one of four tasks: They can be builders, workers, scientists, or soldiers. The builders build and upgrade your buildings, the workers "work" at reproducing (hilariously represented as a Baldie jumping on a bed), the scientists invent traps to use on the Hairies, and the soldiers of course, do the fighting. It is important to keep a good balance of each type, as you will need them all. The graphics are simplistic and unappealing, looking like they could easily be done on a 16-bit system. The music and sound effects are merely average. The control is pretty good, although the menu bar always seems to get in the way. There are some annoying glitches later in the game, but Baldies is still a fairly entertaining game. And with 100 levels, it should keep you busy for a while.


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