Blue Lightning Review

Blue Lightning for the Jaguar CD is the sequel to the Lynx flight game of the same name. You start out as a rookie pilot, but your rank increases as you advance. Your ultimate goal is to defeat General Drako, who is threatening to take over the world. You can choose from seven jets, each with different attributes. One plane even allows you to hover, which comes in handy later in the game. The missions, which take you all over the world, have various objectives. You may need to destroy all the enemy tanks in an area, escort a supplies plane to its destination, or blow up a secret base.

The in-game graphics aren't that hot, although some of the full-motion video (FMV) movies are pretty cool. The sound is good overall, especially the catchy rock tunes in some levels. Unfortunately, the controls are stiff and seem slightly sluggish. And while you have the ability to perform a barrel roll by pressing the option button, it isn't very helpful. It makes the entire screen rotate in slow motion, which really disrupts the flow of the action. I really enjoyed the Arctic levels near the end of the game, where there were lots of targets to blow up (namely the ships and subs), but the rest of the game is fairly dull. Blue Lightning is a below average game that won't keep most players entertained for very long.


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