Battle Morph Review

Battle Morph is the Jaguar CD sequel to Cybermorph, the collect-the-pods shooter that was the Jaguar pack-in game. Battle Morph improves over Cybermorph in every way. First, there is more variety. There are more objectives than just to collect the pods, although that still is part of the game. The graphics are more detailed, more colorful, and there is less pop-up. The FMV looks good, too. Sound is another major improvement. Not only is there music this time, but it's very good music. The sound effects are basically the same, but Skylar doesn't blab her mouth as often. The control still is far from perfect, but it seems tighter and improved, although now it is harder to stop your ship without moving in reverse. Battle Morph is a perfect example of what a sequel should be. If you own a Jaguar CD, Battle Morph is a must.


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