Bubsy In: Fractured Furry Tales Review

Accolade's Bubsy the Bobcat stars in this action/platform game. You've got to run, jump, and glide your way through 15 levels based on warped versions of popular fairy tales. As in previous Bubsy games, you lose a life any time you get hit, whether it's from a shark bite, a bee sting, or from running into a cookie (yes, a cookie). You generally defeat enemies by jumping on them, but the hit detection is not perfect and sometimes you will be the one to die instead of the enemy. The game gives you nine lives to start with, but you'll find that they go very quickly due to the high difficulty level.

The graphics, while not outstanding, are colorful and look good for the most part. The sound is also above average (especially the music), but the clips of Bubsy's voice become very annoying. The biggest problem with this game however is the slippery control. Making accurate jumps is more difficult than it should be, and Bubsy often doesn't "stick" his landings. You may jump and land on a rock only to instantly slide off into the water and die. Also, walking in a single direction for more than two seconds causes Bubsy to start running at full speed, whether you want him to or not. Overall, the poor control and excessive difficulty level make this game a chore to play. There's no fun to be had in this horrible game.


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