Cannon Fodder Review

Cannon Fodder is an action/strategy war game where you lead your soldiers through all sorts of terrains to destroy your enemies and their buildings. This a very challenging game that will require loads and loads of practice to get through the later levels. The graphics are quite bad for the Jaguar; in fact, I've seen 8-bit games with better graphics than this. Your soldiers are very small on the screen, roughly the size of a "Lemming," if not smaller. Other than the soldiers and some birds flying above, there is little animation. The water never moves, despite the fact that you hear it flowing. In contrast to the graphics, the sound is top-notch. The sound effects are excellent, as is the music, although music doesn't play during the game. The control is pretty good, although you don't directly control your soldiers. You move an arrow around and your soldiers will move to that point. Originally, on the PC, it was meant to be played with a mouse, so a Jaguar controller doesn't work as well as a mouse would. Overall, Cannon Fodder is a mildly entertaining game that's a bit too challenging.


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