Club Drive Review

Club Drive is a unique driving/racing game. You can race through the streets of San Francisco, through an old western ghost town, or even drive miniature cars through a house. There are three main modes of play. Racing mode has you driving between checkpoints for a number of laps to beat your opponent, or try for the best time. The second mode of play is collecting powerballs. You must collect a certain number of "powerballs" as quickly as possible. The third mode is tag. Unlike the other modes, which can be played solo or against a friend, tag is strictly for two players. You play tag against your opponent, and whoever is "it" for the shortest amount of time wins the game.

The graphics in Club Drive are very simplistic. Almost everything is made up of simple polygons that don't move very smoothly. The graphics often make it hard to tell where you are driving. The music and sound effects aren't great, but they are adequate. The controls work fine in open spaces, but it's often hard to navigate in confined areas. Your car flips easily, and at times it's difficult just to stay on the road.

While Club Drive does have many flaws, it can be fun, especially the two-player tag mode. If you enjoy exploration, you will also have fun exploring the levels, especially the old west town that has several hidden areas. This game may not be for everybody, but it's at least worth a try.


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