Doom Review

The Jaguar was one of the first video game systems to receive a port of this popular PC game. It's also one of the best ports of the original Doom, which is a fun and addictive first-person shooter. I stayed up late many nights playing this game. The game is loaded with secrets, such as hidden passageways and items. There are also many weapons to use, from rocket launchers to chainsaws. And don't forget the ultimate "BFG 9000." The main single-player mode is excellent as-is, but there is also a two-player deathmatch version that can be played if you link up two Jaguars. Playing against a friend like this makes the game even more addictive. Unfortunately, there are "network errors" which occur during two-player games. This causes the game (and scores) to be reset and any weapons you had will be gone. It's quite frustrating when it happens, but it doesn't keep deathmatching from being an enjoyable, exciting experience.

The graphics really show off the power of the Jaguar. They are somewhat pixelated and there is occasional slowdown, but it looks good and runs at a smooth frame rate most of the time. Jaguar Doom is full-screen, which could not be done by other systems out at the time. The game runs at a faster pace, and with better animation, than Alien vs. Predator. The great graphics come at a price, however: There is no music. The sound effects are good, but the lack of music in the game hurts. The control is solid, but not spectacular. Doom may not be flawless, but it is an extremely fun game. It just beats out Tempest 2000 as my favorite Jaguar game.


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