Flashback Review

Flashback is an adventure/puzzle game from U.S. Gold. Flashback first appeared on the Genesis and then later on the SNES, and the Jaguar version isn't much different than the 16-bit versions. Although there is some action/shooting in the game, the main focus is solving the puzzles. You must solve a certain puzzle to get an item that you need for the next puzzle. This is not a game you can just pick up and start playing. It requires patience, time, and lots of trial and error. The graphics are pretty good, but they don't look much better than the 16-bit versions. The sound effects are average, and music only plays occasionally. The control is a bit tricky, it's slow when you walk and when you run, timing your jumps is tricky. There is no jump button, but you must press up on the joypad to jump. But since the focus is puzzle-solving, the lack of great control isn't as detrimental as it would be in an action game. Flashback is a good adventure/puzzle game, if you have the time and patience for it.


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