NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Review

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition is the only NBA game available for the Jaguar. It is not a serious sports game (not that many Jaguar sports games are), but it is a fun arcade translation. Realism is at a minimum in this game, where the net can catch fire and John Stockton can dunk. The graphics are good, although the players aren't very detailed. If you're controlling Stockton and Hornacek, you won't have an easy time figuring out who is who. Dennis Rodman's hair, however, is a different color every time you play. There are great stereo sound effects, with an in-game announcer. The game uses the Team Tap accessory (sold separately) for four-player action. The control is good, and all four players can configure the buttons the way they want them. NBA Jam: T.E. is the best four-player game on Jaguar, the best sports game on Jaguar, and it's also one of the Jaguar's best overall games.


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