Pinball Fantasies Review

This pinball simulation lets you play on four pinball tables. Choose from the carnival themed Partyland, the car themed Speed Devils, the horror themed Stones and Bones, and the Billion Dollar Gameshow. Each table is one screen wide and several screens high. The screen scrolls vertically to follow the ball as you play. Three of the four tables let you control three flippers; Stones and Bones (which happens to be my favorite table) gives you control of only two flippers.

The graphics are quite colorful, but otherwise aren't very impressive. But fortunately, the screen scrolls smoothly during gameplay. The sound effects aren't all that great, but some of the music is pretty good--especially in Stones and Bones. On the other hand, the music in Billion Dollar Gameshow puts me to sleep. The control is about as good as you can expect from a pinball game. You can flip the flippers and nudge the table with the press of a button. But in terms of overall fun factor, Pinball Fantasies is just average.


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