Raiden Review

Raiden is a shooting game based on the arcade hit. The object is to destroy all of the alien vehicles in order to save your home planet. The game is played from an overhead viewpoint and the screen scrolls vertically as you play. A two-player option lets you and a friend team up to blast everything in sight. Your main weapon is a cannon that can be upgraded with power-ups, but you can also use bombs, which come in handy for boss fights.

The graphics are quite plain, making Raiden look much like a 16-bit game. Also, the title/score frame takes up far too much space--a full one-third of the screen. But thankfully, there is no apparent slowdown to bog down the action. The sound is also mediocre; there are a couple of above-average tunes, but for the most part, the music and sound effects aren't all that appealing. The control is very good overall, although the lack of a rapid fire option will make your thumb get tired in a hurry. Raiden can be somewhat fun to play (especially with two players), but overall it's just a standard shooter that lacks any interesting or innovative features.


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