Ruiner Pinball Review

Ruiner Pinball lets you play two different pinball tables: Ruiner (which has a nuclear war theme) and Tower (which has a horror theme). In Ruiner, your goal is to knock down the shelters and advance to DEFCON 1. Launch your missiles and get ready for war. In Tower, the object is to cast three magic spells, defeat the evil sorceress, and destroy the tower itself. Since this is a pinball game, all of these goals are accomplished by hitting certain targets or launching the ball into the appropriate ramp.

The graphics are clean and colorful, but the screen doesn't scroll smoothly. The choppiness makes it hard to follow the ball at times. Aside from Tower's short "now loading" music, which I like a lot, the rest of the music and sound effects range from mediocre to downright annoying. The controls work about as well as you can expect from a pinball game: You control the flippers and you can nudge the board. But overall, Ruiner Pinball is not a very enjoyable game. Neither of the tables seem very well-designed and they aren't much fun to play.


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