Super Burnout Review

Super Burnout was the first motorcycle racing game for the Jaguar. The biggest problem with racing games for the Jaguar released before Super Burnout was bad control. Not only does Super Burnout have good control, but it also has a two-player option and it moves much faster than previous racing games. There are also eight tracks, and several bikes to choose from. The graphics are sprite based instead of polygon based like Checkered Flag, and they move much faster. The graphics are very good, and the game has an arcade look to it. The sound isn't the greatest, and most of the songs are not very memorable. The control is great overall, although of course it can vary, depending on which bike you choose. Despite not having any major flaws however, Super Burnout isn't extremely fun to play. It is entertaining for a while, but it feels a bit dull. It lacks the freshness and excitement needed to make a game stand out.


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