Superfly DX Review

Superfly DX is a homebrew game released in 2010 for Jaguar CD. As a flying superhero (or one of his vehicles), you make your way through various caverns and other tight spaces. The B button on the Jaguar controller is the only button used. Pressing it makes you go up, while gravity brings you back down. So you play the game by repeatedly tapping the B button. You have to avoid the top and bottom of the cavern, as well as other obstacles along the way. Depending on the game mode, you may just be trying to survive as long as you can, or you may be collecting objects such as stars. The game keeps track of the total distance you've traveled and the total number of pickups you've acquired. Based on those totals, you can unlock new game modes and features. The Memory Track is supported for saving your progress.

Once you get the hang of maintaining altitude, you'll find yourself breezing through the first. But that first impression can be misleading, because the stages get progressively harder, and even downright frustrating later on. Those who don't appreciate an old-school challenge may not enjoy this game much beyond the first few stages. The game does have an addictive quality to it though; it keeps you coming back for "just one more try."

The graphics look good, with multiple layers of scrolling backgrounds. And the action is fast and smooth. The music is very good with some catchy tunes. Unfortunately, sound effects are practically nonexistent during gameplay. Sure, you'll hear a crash when your character dies, but surprisingly, there is no sound effect when you collect a star (or other pickup). The controls are obviously limited by the fact that only one button is used, but it still works well. Your thumb will definitely get tired after repeatedly pressing "B" a few thousand times, however. Another complaint I have is that you can't pause the game, at least at first. A pause feature can be unlocked later on, but the ability to pause is something that really should be available from the start.

Of course, this is a homebrew game and you're not going to get the depth or variety that a retail game would (or at least should) provide. It is a simple old-school game with repetitive gameplay. But for what it is, it is surprisingly polished and well-done. And most importantly, it's fun to play...more fun than a lot of those so-called professional games, in fact. It's not Tempest 2000 or Rayman of course, but it does provide something new and fun for Jaguar owners to play. If your Jaguar is hungry for new games, Superfly DX is definitely worth picking up.


For more info, check out the Superfly DX page at Reboot.

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