Troy Aikman NFL Football Review

Troy Aikman NFL Football offers several interesting features, such as the ability to design your own plays and the ability to change players' salaries. But despite those innovative additions, the gameplay is just average. The graphics are not very impressive. There is occasional slowdown and the animation is a bit choppy, making Troy Aikman look like a 16-bit game. The sound is just what you'd expect: Grunts, whistles, cheering, and a John Madden sound-alike announcer who screams out "touchdown" and "interception." The controls aren't as sharp as they could be, but the biggest problem is the use of the keypad buttons. For example, you have to reach down to the 2 key to jump on defense. Troy Aikman NFL Football seems to have a lot of turnovers, both interceptions and fumbles, which detract from the game. Overall, it's just a mediocre sports game. But if you're desperate for a football game, this is the best (and only) NFL game the Jaguar has to offer.


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