Theme Park Review

Theme Park is a simulation game, similar to SimCity. The difference is that you create your own theme park, rather than a city. You control everything from what rides are put in your park, to how much salt is put on the french fries. The graphics are poor, making it look like a 16-bit game, and not a great one at that. The animation is choppy and there is considerable slowdown when many people are in your park. The sound isn't much better: There is no in-game music, although some rides and attractions have music. The sound effects are average. Theme Park is a fun game, but it has one major flaw: You can't save the parks that you create! You are forced to create your entire park in one sitting. While you can sell your park and save the money you earn from the sale, a true save feature would have made this game much better. It's just not as fun when you have to start from scratch every time.


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