Vid Grid Review

Vid Grid is a puzzle game where you must rearrange the pieces of a music video puzzle. The pieces are divided into 3x3, 4x5, 5x5, or 6x6 grids. Sometimes you must "flip" the pieces, or complete the puzzle upside down. The main attraction here is without a doubt, the music videos. Although fitting the pieces together can be somewhat fun, it's sometimes more entertaining to just watch the videos. There are nine videos from different rock artists, from Soundgarden to Jimi Hendrix. If you don't like rock music, you should probably avoid this game. Without the videos, it would be one boring jigsaw puzzle. The graphics are a mixed bag: In some videos the video quality is pretty good, and in others it is very blocky. Overall it's pretty good, though. As for the sound, it's great... unless you don't like rock music. The control is solid, but not perfect. Overall, Vid Grid is a mildly entertaining game.


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