Wolfenstein 3D Review

Wolfenstein 3D is Doom's predecessor, and while it can't match Doom in many areas, Wolfenstein is a great game in its own right. While in Doom you're fighting demons and the like, in Wolfenstein you fight Nazi soldiers and even Adolf Hitler himself. The graphics aren't as detailed or impressive as those in Doom, but they are solid and the game moves at a fast pace. The sound is top-notch. The sound effects and voices are great, and the music is among the Jaguar's best. The control is almost perfect. However, the 1-3 keys on the keypad save your game. If you accidentally press one of them, you just saved over one of your games. You have to be careful not to do that while you're reaching down to the 5 key to view the map. The Jaguar version of Wolfenstein is the best yet. Good graphics, great sound, great control, and it's a heck of a lot of fun to play. This is one of the Jaguar's best games.


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