Zero 5 Review

Zero 5 is a 3D space shooter released by Telegames. It features three different modes of play: BAMBAM mode, in which you can turn your ship 360 degrees; Trench mode, where you control your ship through a long trench; and HIT-PAK mode, where you have a cockpit view. The graphics are good, although there is not much of a variety of ships. Each level has only a few different types of enemy ships, so you fight the same few ships over and over. The music is very good and the sound effects are good as well. The control setup is a bit odd, having to press C or A to rotate on some levels. It may take some getting used to, although even then it's not great. Also, you have to keep pressing B repeatedly to shoot, you can't keep shooting just by holding it down. Zero 5 is a mildly fun game that is hurt by it's odd controls and high challenge level.


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