Zool 2 Review

In this action/platform game, you can play as a male ninja named Zool or a female ninja named Zooz. You must defeat the evil Krool and his sidekick Mental Block to save the Nth Dimension. The gameplay mostly consists of running, jumping, and shooting enemies. You'll also have to collect 99% of the items scattered throughout each area before you can move on to the next level. The game is fairly challenging, not only because there are many enemies, but because those enemies keep coming back even after you've killed them. Unfortunately, there is no password or save game feature.

Zool 2 has odd music that may not be outstanding, but some of it is strangely appealing. The graphics in Zool 2 are generally very plain and they have a 16-bit look to them. The control isn't all that great, either. Even though there is a jump button, you will also jump if you press up (or diagonally up) on the control pad. As a result, you may end up jumping when you didn't mean to jump. Climbing and jumping off of walls can also be tricky at times. But on the bright side, your character does move at a quick pace. Zool 2 isn't the best Jaguar platform game overall (that would be Rayman), but it is a decent game that's mildly entertaining.


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