Zoop Review

In this unique puzzle game, you control a triangle in the center of the screen. You shoot at various shapes that move towards you, but you can only destroy objects that are the same color as you. If an object you shoot has a different color, then your triangle and the object switch colors. The object is to eliminate a certain number of shapes before they invade your home territory, which is a square in the center of the screen. It may sound a bit complicated at first, but you'll get the hang of it after playing a few games. Some power-ups become available during the game, such as one that destroys a whole row of objects, regardless of color.

The graphics certainly do not utilize the power of the Jaguar. To say that they're simplistic would be an understatement. There are triangles, dots, and a few other shapes against equally lackluster backgrounds. Luckily, the sound fares a bit better. While the music may not be great, some of the tunes are fairly catchy and may just get stuck in your head. The controls are solid and they get the job done with no major problems. Zoop certainly is no Tetris, but it is a mildly entertaining puzzle game.


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